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That’s right!  You are reading the words of a brand new, ready to be committed NaNoer.  I have a title, a plot, characters, the whole shebang.  Come on, November 1st!

And, yes, I DO realize that I haven’t updated in months.  I’m sorry for that, really.  I’m going to work on it.  After NaNo I’m going to sit down and write out a bunch of blog posts and get on some kind of schedule.  It might be as little as once a week, but it will be a schedule and it will be consistent.  I don’t want this blog to be just some random, write when you feel like it blog.  It needs to serve some purpose.  And I will figure that out.


For now, I’m focusing on NaNo.  I’m so excited!  My novel is going to be called Son of the Father, and it’s going to be about what might have happened to Barabbas after he was released and God was crucified.  I decided on that title because Barabbas’ name was actually Yeshua Bar-Abbas, which means Jesus son of the father in Hebrew.  Yes, that’s creepy.  Supposedly Yeshua was a pretty common name back then.  Or whatever.  I am changing Barabbas’ name to Yosef, which means Joseph in Hebrew.  It’s just too creepy to me to think about him having the same name as my God.  Weird.

In Son of the Father, Barabbas was a conspirator in the Jewish uprising just like the Bible says.  However, he’s caught when he was betrayed by his best friend’s little sister, after Barabbas struck her brother down in a fit of rage.  Raziela (the little sister) witnesses this, and turned Barabbas in.  Of course, Barabbas is released.  He watches as the Lord is crucified, and believes that He is who He said He is.  Meanwhile, Raziela is stunned when her brother’s killer is set free, and sets out to take revenge herself.  She’s in the middle of hunting Barabbas when robbers overtake her.  Barabbas, travelling the same road, hears her screams and runs to help.  He saves her, but is severely injured while doing so.  Raziela is charged with the task of nursing him back to health, and in doing so she begins to notice some changes in her brother’s killer.  She must confront these strange feelings that this man – and his God – stir up in her.  Will Raziela allow the strange ideas of a murderer’s God soften her heart?  Or will she close her mind to forgiveness and allow bitterness to swallow her whole?


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