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Tuesday Time-In

It’s the second week of the Tuesday Time-In!  And again, any ideas on a better name would be mucho appreciated 🙂

So jumping right in now…

Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner did a fantastic post on how agents and editors decide on which projects to take on and which to pass.  She breaks it down into 3 parts and then is going to go on and explain the parts in later posts.

Stepping Stones Magazine for Writers and Readers (talk about a mouthful!) had a great post about business cards that are a little different.  It opened my eyes to new ideas for *someday* getting stuff published.  What about you?

Those of you Twits in the know, #QueryFail is coming back!  QueryFail 2: Queries Never Die is airing Friday, April 17th.  Bring a sense of humor and some salt, see you there!


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I follow a *lot* of blogs (as in, 20-something, with more added weekly).  One of the things I see a ton of them doing is a ‘wrap-up’ post.  Every week, these blogs will peruse the blogosphere and post links to articles or posts they find that they like or find especially useful.  I’m going to start doing that, only I’m doing it on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.  Two reasons for that: 1) I don’t work on Tuesdays.  I go to school and church Tuesdays, so that’s the only day I know I have a few hours to myself.  And 2) everyone does their wrap-ups on Fridays.  I like being different 🙂

So, without further ado, I’m here to introduce: Tuesday Time-Ins (yes, I know the name is stupid, get over it.)

First up: literary agent Nathan Bransford wrote a great post on motivation: What Your Characters Want

The Paperback Writer wrote a hilarious post on Publishing 911.  This was actually sent out there a week or so ago, but it just came to my attention this week.

Poor, unfortunate Tommy Donbavand over at trappedbymonsters.com shared his top tips on Literary Agents this week.  In case ya’ll haven’t seen this website yet, look at your own risk: it’s seriously addicting.

And last but not least, Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner wrote a great post about a month ago on writing in multiple genres.  Yes, yes, I know it’s old, but I thought it deserved a shout-out.

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